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Kiosk Ordering

Empower customers with self-serve ordering kiosks. We have you covered.

Fully Featured

With an attractive and intuitive ordering process, customers can easily and quickly navigate your menus including prompts for size variation, modifiers, cooking instructions as well as paid or free-choice extras. Automatic order filtering ensures that items are sent direct to the required food or bar preparation areas using high-speed prep printers or kitchen order display screens (KDS).

Flexible Service Options

Deploy JustTouchKiosk as your sole method or ordering, for queue-busting or for out-of-regular-hours customer service.

Product Up-sell and special promotions can help raise the spend per order and inform your customers of new products and services. 

With a built-in high-speed thermal receipt printer as well as integrated credit card payment solution for contactless and chip-and-pin gives a full service solution.

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