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Members Clubs

A system that works for you as well as your members.

JustTouchPOS Bar Sales Screen

Fully featured

Our graphical menu navigation with order prompts enable fast and accurate input ensuring all options are entered & recorded.

QuickSell options for product sizing allows you to quickly  identify Pint, Half, Single, Double or Wine sizes to save those crucial seconds.

Re-order a tab or round in seconds and compliance can be handled with our Challenge 21 prompts.

Bar Sales Screens
JustTouchPOS Membership Club

Works for all

Why not take the service at your club to the next level. JustTouchPOS can not only manage your sales but also your membership and even allows you to print your very own membership cards.

Many clubs want to reward their members for their patronage so why not offer some benefits to thank them for their visit. Perhaps you will setup a reduced price level for members with guests paying the full price. Very soon you will find that those guests ask to become members !

We use the latest style of contactless membership cards so for each order the member passes the card over the reader and this allows the system to recognise the member and what benefits they are eligible. 

Use this sales data to run automatic promotions for products on quiet days or perhaps offer an extra incentive to members who’ve not visited recently to come in again. 

Stay in control

Real-time reporting is available right at your fingertips. See your data at the POS screen, on your manager pc with JustTouchBackOffice (on-site) or JustTouchHeadOffice (off-site) giving you and your management team key data about trading, staffing and inventory status.

Having these powerful tracking & analysis tools allows you to make fast, informed management decisions to alter menu availability, “86” items or adjust staffing levels quickly and easily without interrupting service.

BackOffice Reports Tablet

Installed Worldwide

JustTouchPOS works…..wherever you work

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What they say about JustTouchPOS

Hardware to suit you

counter-top, tablet, handheld, kiosk, order-screens 

JustTouchPOS Hardware

Options to suit

Whether you need slimline counter solutions, portable tablets or handhelds we have the platforms to fit. All of our touchscreen units are slimline & aesthetically suitable for all decors. 

Customer self-ordering kiosk and kitchen video order displays are available along with our new range of digital menu boards to ensure your messaging gets through.