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Communication is key. Notify your customers to collect or table availability. Simply.


Empower the order

Rather than having to call-out and potentially disturb other customers you can assign one of the slim-line pager units to a customer and with a single button press notify them to collect or return. This allows your customers to wait away from the immediate vicinty of the ordering position.

JustTouchPager 20pc
JustTouchPager 3 modes

Simple Operation

When a customer places an order at the order point simply remove one of the pager units from the charging dock.

Note the clearly defined pager number and key this into your JustTouchPOS system along with the customer order.

Hand the pager to the customer and tell them the unit will notify them when their order (or table availability) is ready.

The order is sent to the kitchen prep and the pager number is clearly displayed for wait or counter staff.

When the order is ready the wait or counter staff note the original pager number from the prep ticket. They press the same number on the base station keypad to activate the call.

The customers pager will then flash the LED lights, vibrate and sound the notification. This lets them know to return to a specific pickup point or collection area.

Lightweight yet powerful

Make further use of the pagers. By amending the printed card in the front of each pager with your updated promos and specials or advertise your social media pages you have the most direct channel to your customer. They literally have to take your advert with them !

JustTouchPager Advert

Installed Worldwide

JustTouchPOS works…..wherever you work

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What they say about JustTouchPOS

Hardware to suit you

counter-top, tablet, handheld, kiosk, order-screens 

JustTouchPOS Hardware

Options to suit

Whether you need slimline counter solutions, portable tablets or handhelds we have the platforms to fit. All of our touchscreen units are slimline & aesthetically suitable for all decors. 

Customer self-ordering kiosk and kitchen video order displays are available along with our new range of digital menu boards to ensure your messaging gets through.